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Why Choose SPC
Why Choose SPC Flooring

Why Choose SPC

SPC vs Hardwood_Laminate

SPC Flooring   VS
Hardwood/Laminate Flooring

  • Excellent fire retardant, unique construction, more rigid and stable

  • Superior weather resistant, 100% water proof

  • High Grade Anti-abrasion, High Strength, Damp-proof

  • Superior Anti-slipping, Anti-mildew, and Anti-bacterial

  • Sound absorption, room noise can be effectively decreased

  • Easy installation, low maintenance, less labor cost

  • Eco-friendly, can be installed everywhere

SPC Flooring vs Carpet

SPC Flooring   VS   Carpet

  • More durable, patented wear layer technology improves product life

  • Fire retardant, anti moisture, waterproof

  • Low maintenance, less cleaning

  • Anti-bacterial, Anti-mildew

  • Multiple patterns & styles provide Luxury room decoration

SPC Flooring vs Marble_tile

SPC Flooring   VS   Marble/Tile

  • Less weight, faster installation, less material and labor cost, DIY available

  • Color variation, more designs. Excellent resilient, better feet feeling & protection

  • Anti-slip, Anti-abrasion, better sound absorption

  • Formaldehyde & Toxic emission free, Hypoallergenic, meets strict air quality criteria

American Collection
SPC Flooring American Collection

​American Collection

Marble Surface
European Collection
SPC Flooring European Collection

​European Collection

Metropolitan Collection
SPC Flooring Metropolitan Collection

​Metropolitan Collection